About Us

Our mission is simple:

Ditmire Motorworks strives to be the shop that people trustcome back to, and recommend without hesitation to their friends and family. We do this by providing honest, quality service at fair prices, every day, for everyone.

Founded by family patriarch Bill Ditmire in November 1983, we’ve grown into one of the most trusted sales and repair shops in the region for all types of European automobiles, with a special focus on Mercedes-Bill’s favorite car manufacturer! No one is more trusted than Ditmire when it comes to classic and collectible cars, and no one offers better value when it comes to repairs and maintenance on your late-model European cars!

Bill passed away in February 2019, leaving behind an incredible legacy of service, honesty, and fun for his family, employees, customers, and a very, very large group of friends. Beth Ann Harvie, Bill’s step-daughter, is the current President and Owner, and she as well as the whole crew continue to honor Bill’s memory by staying true to the principles he lived by: give people good value for their money, treat people the way you want to be treated, and make every customer glad that they chose us to do business with!

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re committed to every customer’s satisfaction-on every sale and for every service!
  • We provide expert service for all European automobiles, but we don’t service Saabs, sorry!
  • We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation as an honest repair shop for over 39 years!
  • We offer an affordable, prepurchase inspection for any car you’re considering buying (from other dealers or private parties) so you know exactly what you’re getting!
  • No one else will work harder to earn and keep your trust, whatever you come to Ditmire for!